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October evening skies over Hawai‘i

October 2021

Venus is low in the evening sky shining brighly at mag -4.5 by the end of October. Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in Capricornus with Jupiter brighter and east of Saturn, whose rings are nicely tilted at 19 degrees to our line of sight. The peak of the Orionid meteors is October 21 but the full moon will interfere. Start looking several nights prior just before dawn.

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Making Your Own Star Charts

This star chart is produced using the Cartes du Ciel Sky Charts program written by Patrick Chevalley.

This free program runs on Windows and Macintosh computers. If you are interested in making your own star charts for use at home or school, you may obtain a copy of the program and its documentation from this website.

This program is very powerful and can be used to generate star charts far more detailed than the one provided here.

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