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March evening skies over Hawai‘i

March 2021

Mars fades below magnitude 1.0 in the constellation Taurus. Jupiter shines brightly in the predawn sky at mag. -2.0. Look for nearby Mercury, Saturn and the crescent Moon on the 10th. Neptune and Venus are in conjunction and not visible this month. Uranus, still in Aries, is high in the western sky at mag. 5.9.

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Making Your Own Star Charts


This star chart is produced using the Cartes du Ciel Sky Charts program written by Patrick Chevalley.

This free program runs on Windows and Macintosh computers. If you are interested in making your own star charts for use at home or school, you may obtain a copy of the program and its documentation from this website.

This program is very powerful and can be used to generate star charts far more detailed than the one provided here.

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