HI STAR summer 2022 - Maui, HI

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For a decade, a program administered by the University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy has attracted middle and high school students from across the state. The Hawaiʻi Student/Teacher Astronomy Research, or HI STAR program, is an  immersive “astronomy summer camp” for highly motivated students who would like to learn the skills and techniques of astronomy research using real data. 

“This program introduces students from Hawaiʻi to the basic practices of science,” says Dr. JD Armstrong, HI STAR program director. “Learning to think critically, using the scientific method, is extremely important to every young person in this day and age.”

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“This program introduces students from across the state of Hawaiʻi to the basic practices of science.  Science is about exploring, going out and discovering new things, adding to humanity’s understanding of the universe.”

Geoff Mathews

Astronomy instructor, Foothill College

“We got to learn about star clusters and galaxies and basic things like that and now we’re moving into more field-based studies, like I’m working on my exoplanets right now.”

James Iaukea

Student, Pahoa High School

“JD’s Hawaii Student/Teacher Astronomy Research (HI STAR) summer science program for high school students is unsurpassed, as evidenced by the success of the students.”

Dr. Joe Janni

Former Director, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

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