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Public Talks

Frontiers of Astronomy Community Lectures in Mānoa

About four times a year, we invite one of our faculty or a distinguished visiting astronomer to give a public lecture on the Mānoa campus.

Maui Maikalani Community Lectures

These talks by our faculty or visitors take place monthly at Maikalani, our building on Maui.

Hawaii Island

IfA scientists regularly participate in “Maunakea Skies” talks given at the Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i

Institute Colloquia

We invite astronomers from around the world to present talks to our faculty and students in Mānoa and, via the Internet, our Big Island and Maui locations. 

Annual Events

Mānoa Open House

Held on a Sunday in April each year

Maui Open House

 Held in the fall of each year

Astroday Hilo

Organized by the Mauna Kea Astronomy Outreach Committee

Astronomy in Hawaii

Institute for Astronomy

We are one of the largest university astronomy programs in the world.